01084.jpgHello, my name is Leyre. I am a eleven years old
I come from spain. I live in Lerga. Is a study in Luis Gil.
My britday is 3th march. I have two sister. Hers names is Idoia and Nerea.
I speak english and espanish. My favorite subject are spanish, english and P.E.
My favoryte sport is basketball. I don´t musical instruments.

In my free time usually read a book is Narnia. When i older , I want to. be teacher. I play recorder in the school.
My favorite food is the macarroni. My favorit fotboll teams is barça. My favorite programme is Disney Chanel,
los magos de wervely place. I like the music in the free time. My love in my friends. My favorite day is Saturday.
And my favorite month is march and my second favorite month is december.