01307.jpgHello my name is Josue and my birthday is 3rdJuly . I am 11 years old . Im live in Sangüesa at the
moment im study in C.P Luis Gil . I have two brothers , the names is Paul and Daniel and one sister,
the name is Nahir . Paul live in Ecuador , my mother is Vanessa and my father is Angel . My favorite sport is footbooll and my favorite singer music is Eminem .I speak 3 lenguages Bask , English ,and Espanish . My favorite programe TV is Family Guy . My favorite class is P. E. , Art and English . In my free time , i like play football and play computer game . My favorite football team is Barcelona my favorite soccer player is Messi and David Villa . My favorite flims is THE SIPSONS . I have a pet is a cat you name is Cleo . My best friends is Aaron , Daniel , Alejandro , Andres , Telmo , Yoel and Ion . My favorite food is pizza . I like read a comics sometimes in my free time . I like road in bike with my brother
and explorer