01194.jpgHello my name is Prátima and my birthday is 28th August. I am 11 years old.
I am from Sada but I live in Sangüesa at the moment. I study in C.P. Luis Gil. I have two brothers, the name is Héctor and Xabier. Héctor study in Pamplona have 23 years old, and Xabier study in Bilbao have 19 years old.
My favourite study is P.E, English and Art. I speak Spanish, English and Basque. I play two instrument: flute and piano. In my free time play piano and watch TV.
My favourite music is: Tio Sam, La niña que llora en tus fiestas... My favourite food pasta, chocolate... The name of my friends of Sangüesa is: Ángela, Irene, Sandra... And my friends of sada is: Marta, Laura, Luisa, Peio, María, Yamiley, Nacor... My favorite sport is basketball. My favourite book is El dedo que no era un finger. I love read at the night, but I sometimes read with my parents. My favourite festival is Christmas.
I love music. My favorite film is: Un Puente hacia Terabithia.