los-simpson-aniversario.gifHello my name is Iker. I live in Sangüesa.
I am 11 years old. My birthday is in November 2th
I have got one sister. The nombers of my parents are Nacho and Nati. I speak three languages: Spanish, English and Basque.I study in Luis Gil Primary School.
I don´t play musical instruments. I like P.E. , Art and English.
My favorite sport is basketball and my favorite basquetball team is España. My favorite TV programme is Pokémon.
My favorite subjet is P.E. ,Art and English.
In my free time playing basketball and playing with my friend.I like play Wii and NDS and my free time. My favorite food is rice, ice cream and fruit is grape. My favorit pet is goldfish, dog and cat. My favorite book is Cronicas of the Narnia. I play flaute and the drom. I like look of the TV and play on the computer. The names of my friends are Ricardo, Henán, Mikel, Daniel, Bruno, Gabriel...