In Greek mythology, Atlas was the primordial Titan who held up the celestial sphere.
We are going to write an ENCYCLOPEDIA about the countries of the world.
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Countries of Europe

By Sofía T. edit
torre.jpgFrance is in the south of Europe.
The capital city of France is Paris and it is the biggest city.
Paris is a beautiful city. The five most important cities are Paris, Lyon, Estrasburgo, Marsella y Burdeos.
The biggest bridge in France is Alejandro lll and the longest river in France is "the river Sena". The highest mountain in France is Mont Blanc. The most amazing construction in France is the Eiffel Tower. The most delicious dish in France is the "Ratatouille". 63,213,894 inhabitants live in France. The theme park of France is Disney Land. The most interesting places in France are the Arco de Triunfo, the Arco de la Defense, the Palacio de Versalles and the Pyramid of Louvre. In France they speak French. The currency of France is the Euro. I think it is one of the most beautiful countries of Europe and the most amazing country in Europe.
torre  effel.jpg
Eiffel Tower

Arco del triunfo

torre eiffel.jpg
Disney Land

Pyramid of Louvre


By Naiara I. edit

Germany is a country in the north of Europe.
About 81.3 million people live there.
It is the fifth largest country in Europe, but it is smaller than Spain.
The currency of Germany is the Euro.
They speak German and Sorbian. They also learn and speak other languages as Lusatia, Brandenburgo, Saxony, etc.
Berlín is the capital city and the biggest city of Germany.
The river Danuvio is the longest river. It is about 2,888 kilometres long.

The largest lake is Constanza. It is 536 square kilometres large. Zugpitze is the highest mountain. It is 2,962 metres high.
I think the most amazing construction of Germany is Fernsehturm, in Berlín. I think the most delicious dish is Sausage. This is a kind of Grilled sausage in a bun like bread with mustard.

Germany is a country of thousands of surprising constructions. I think it is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, and also one of the coldest!

alemania.jpg alemanigermany.jpg germany-alemania.jpg


By Andrea P. edit
italia.jpgABOUT ITALY
Italy is in the south of EUROPE.

The capital city of ITALY is ROMA .
The biggest city in ITALY is ​MILAN​.
Italy is bigger than SPAIN. About 61.205.277 people live there.
I think the most amazing construction in ITALY is LA CATEDRAL DE MILANO.
The longest river in ITALY is the PO and it is about 652 km long. The largest lake is GARDA. It is about 370 square kilometres large.

The official languaje in ITALY is ITALIAN .
The currency of ITALY is the EURO.
The tradicional food in ITALY is PIZZA. The most delicious food is PIZZA, too.

catedral italia.jpg fuente italia.jpg


By Miguel R. edit
Portugal is in the south-west of Europe.foto.jpg
Portugal has a population of 10.25 million and covers an area of 92,082.
I think the most interesting place in Portugal is Ross.
The currency of Portugal is the Euro.
In Portugal they speak Portuguese.
The capital city of Portugal is Lisboa.
The biggest city of Portugal is Lisboa.
The longest river in Portugal is the Rio Mondego and it is 234 km long.pastel.jpg
The highest mountain in Portugal is the Pico and it is 2.351 metres high.
The most popular sport in Portugal is football.
The typical dish of Portugal is the cream pie.
I think the most amazing building in Portugal is the Castle of Ovidos.
I think the most delicious food of Portugal is the cake
of Chaves.


Countries of America

By Leyre M. edit
Perú is in South America.
Perú is the eighth largest country in south America. About 29.399.817 inhabitants live there. The official languages are Spanish and Quechua.
The currency of Perú is Nuevo Sol.
The capital city and the biggest city is Lima.
The longest river is River Hullaga. It's about 1.138 km long. The highest mountain is Huascarán. It's about 6.768 metres high.
I think the most amazing constructions are Machu Picchu and Hauyna Picchu.
I think the most delicious dish is Ceviche.
The most popular sport is football.

huayna picchu.jpg


By Adrián P. edit
mexicofan.jpgABOUT MEXICO.
Mexico is in South America.
The River Usumadia is the longest river.
The typical dishes are tacos, burritos and nachos.
The most traditional dish is taco picante.
The highest mountain is Pico de Oribaza. It is 5747 metres high.
Mexico is a very big country.
It is a very beautiful country.
The currency of Mexico is the Peso.
The official languages are Maya and Spanish.
The capital city of Mexico is City of Mexico and it is the biggest city.


Countries of Asia

By Irene A. edit
external image japon_fuji.jpgABOUT JAPAN
Japan is in the east of Asia.
Tokio is the capital city of Japan and the biggest city. Tokio is very big. 127.817.277 inhabitants live in Japan.The ten biggest cities are Tokio, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kobe, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Kawasaki and Hiroshima.
The longest river is River Shinano. It is about 336 kilometres long. Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. It is about 3776 metres high. The currency of Japan is the Yen.

The Japanese eat insects but I don't like them. I think the most amazing construction of Japan is Golden Temple Kinkaku-ji. It is very beautiful.
The skyscraper Tokyo Sky Tree is the highest building in Japan. It is about 2.080 metres high.
The tipical dishes of Japan are Shusi and Onigiri.
Tokio is called 'The light city'. It is very very beautiful.

CherryBlossomsNinna-JiTempleGrounds.jpgONIGIRI.jpg JARDIN JAPON.jpg


By Lucía I. edit
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSoHKjPKrub0b2pHWJC3JM9H2UNjPKJpZ_Gn_Z6AeKSSDM8Y9wgABOUT INDIA

This country is India. The capital city of India is Nueva Delhi. India is a country in South Asia. It is the second most populated with, over 1.2 billion people. Mumbai is the biggest city of India. I think the most amazing city is Mumbai because it is beautiful. The river Ganges is the longest river in India. The highest mountain in India is Mount Gasherbrum. The official languages are: Hindi and English. The traditional food is Pollo Tandoori. I think the most amazing construccion in India is Taj Mahal because it is very beautiful and big. The currency of India is the Rupia. When I am older, I want to travel to India, because is a beautiful country.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTo0p60e9PTCJ6aQvddVN3BLeaWkGozqDAfmToH1yxseJ-pseaBmQ
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQYr728478DUAWauYlFrTkdtwbzYxPTVggkM1wiM58cRGKVncZJLA


By Mikel J. edit

Thailandia is in the south east of Asia.
The capital city in Thailandia is BANGKOK, and it is the biggest city.
About 67.091.089 million people live there.
The longest river in Thailand is CHAO PHRAYA. It is 372 km long.
The highest mountain in Thailand is CHIANG MAI.
The currency of Thailand is the Baht Thailandes.
I think the most amazing construction is THE ROYAL GRAND PALACE.

The tradicional food in Thailand is Pad Thai.
I think the most delicious dish is the SATSUMA IMO. It's made of butter, sugar and milk. This dessert is delicious!


By Samuel G. edit
great wall.jpgABOUT CHINA

China is in the east of Asia.
The capital city is Beijing.
But the biggest city is Shangai.
China has got 1,339,724,852 inhabitants.
The longest river is Yellow River. It´s about 5,464 kilometres long.
The highest mountain is Mount Everest. It´s about 8848 metres high.
The most amazing construction is the Great Wall. It's about 7300 kilometers long.
The tradicional dish is rice.
I think the most delicious dish is "Lao Zi"
The currency of china is the Yuan.


Countries of Africa

By Yeison G. edit
sudafrica-.jpgABOUT SOUTH AFRICA

SOUTH AFRICA is in the south of Africa.
The capital city is Pretoria, but the biggest city is Johannesburgo.
South Africa has 2798 kilometers of coastline on the Atlantic and Indian oceans.
It is one of the founding members of the African Union, and it has the largest economy in the continent among all members.The currency of South Africa is the rand sudafricano.They speak the Afikaans.They also speak English.The longest river in South Africa is The River Orange. It is about 2090 kilometres long.The highest mountain is Kilimanjaro. It is about 5895 meters high.I think the most amazing construction is Coliseo Africano Tùnez Anfiteatro Romano. The tradicional food in South Africa is meat and shellfish.Much of the tradicional
foods of South Africa contain khoisan, xhsosa and sotho. I think the most delicious
dish is khoisan.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTGSHMiw-kwfis1MGQjmBorcFmCIrdg4JmO7dsIWtxnLC0lxQ8Uzg


By Diego M. edit
external image Las-Piramides-de-Egipto.jpgEGYPT
Egypt is in the north-east of Africa.
It is one of the largest countries in Africa.
The currency of Egypt is ``Libra Egipcia´´
The official language in Egypt is Egypcian.
The capital city of Egypt is Cairo.
The river Nile is the longest river in Egypt. It is more than 6.756 kilometres long.
The Mont Catalina is the highest mountain in Egypt. It is more than 2.407 metres high.

I think that the most amazing constructions in Egypt are the pyramids.
Baba and Kibbeh are tradicional dishes in Egypt.
I think the most delicious dish in Egypt is Om Ali.

Its flag is red, white and black and it has a picture of an eagle.